Traditions Golf Club – Surrey

Operated by American Golf-UK, Traditions is a blend of tree-lined holes and parkland varieties. Four lakes scatter the course and 40,000 new trees have been planted to line the fully irrigated fairway’s. The first nine holes are in wooded country and some are quite tight, the back nine are on more open parkland but there are four lakes to contend with. Some holes have undulating greens which require thought of where to put the ball if a par is to be made.

Hoebridge Golf Club – Surrey

Three courses set in mature parkland countryside. The main course is quite hilly and it can be hard walking around this course. The first nine holes are quite open but the second nine has more trees and bushes along the fairway’s to catch wayward drives. When we played the course the greens were very firm and you had to land your ball just before them and roll on otherwise you were through the green and were chipping back.

Northwood Golf Club – Middlesex

Northwood is a very old club, established in 1891 it is a relatively flat course with some undulations, lots of trees and bushes add to the beauty of the course while also testing your golfing skills, the staff and members were very abrupt with us though making us feel that we were not welcome at their precious club.

The 7th hole is a highlight of the course, a par 4 dogleg to the right, a driver is not needed from the tee, good placement is the key to this hole. The fairway undulates all the way to the turn which is almost 90 degrees, then it’s downhill to the large double green.

Wyke Green Golf Club – Middlesex

Wyke Green is a pleasant parkland course with nice fairway’s and aprons cut right up to the greens which are slightly undulating and you can find some interesting putts on them. The fairway’s are tree-lined so straight hitting is the key here as getting back out of the trees is often very difficult if you do manage to find your ball.

There are a number of long par 4’s on this course that often require a long iron approach to relatively small targets. You can get refreshments half way round between the 9th and 10th tees and enjoy some pleasant company from the lady who serves there.

I liked the 17th hole, the green is raised so you cannot see the base of the flag, a huge bunker in front will catch anything that is even inches short of the green and you will find that getting out of the bunker is a challenge in itself. Bunkers either side of the green will catch anything not hit straight and there is a big slope on the left of the green which makes putting interesting for some pin positions.

Ruislip Golf Club – Middlesex

Ruislip is a municipal parkland course with tee-lined fairway’s, but not much water, a word of warning if you do not like slow play then this course may not be for you, it tends to get very busy and the staff do not seem to mind how many people they send out on the course.

Most of the holes are pretty straight forward but I like the second, it is a par 5 that requires a straight drive down the fairway which then bends off to the left and falls away downhill. With a good drive and a long second shot you can get the ball to roll down that hill and onto the green.

Brent Valley Golf Club – Middlesex

Brent Valley is a municipal parkland course that is fairly open with the river Brent coming into play on a few holes. A little up and down at the start and end but flat in between.

Has a couple of interesting holes on the back nine, the 11th is a short par 4 dogleg that gives you the choice of laying up just before the corner of the dogleg or going for it over the ditch that runs across the fairway.

The 13th is a long par 3 with a very narrow gap between the trees from the tee just in front of the river Brent.