Hillingdon Golf Club – Middlesex

Hillingdon is a nice 9 hole members club, the course is certainly not flat but it is not too hilly either. Undulating tree-lined fairway’s and greens with some blind approaches make this course quite interesting to play.

The third hole is an interesting one at Hillingdon, not a long par 4 by any means, the green is very thin so if you are going to smack your tee shot to try and reach it then you will have to be very accurate, because you do not want to miss this green on either side. The fairway is also very thin so even an iron off the tee means it needs to be a straight one.

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Horsendon Hill Golf Club – Middlesex

Horsendon is a little council owned nine hole course, there are 8 par 3’s and 1 par 4 here, but the course does offer great views nice greens and is good practive for beginners.

Although I say this course is good practice for beginners it does have a tough opening hole, quite long and the tree right in front of the green makes this a tricky challenge for any golfer.

Hedsor Golf Club – Buckinghamshire

Hedsor is a nice little nine hole course, the fairway’s were a little soggy but the greens were very firm and in good condition. The course is well laid out upon the land available, they could have just created fairways that ran alongside each other with the tree line dividing them, but the designer chose to have the holes cut through the tree line on a number of occasions making the course much more interesting.

A nice little touch is a wind sock on one of the holes, when asked “Where is the helicopter pad then?” for a joke, the guy in the pro shop told me there is a runway on the course that is still in use, hence the plane on the club’s logo.

Kirtlington Golf Club – Oxfordshire

Kirtlington is an undulating open parkland course with hardly a flat area on the fairways let alone the greens, which were in very good condition and provided some very interesting putts. You definitely have to think your way around this course as leaving a long putt on the green is more than likely going to take another three shots to get down and make sure you stay out of that rough. The tees and fairways were in just as good condition as the greens, the only bad thing to say about this course was it’s lack of length and the portacabin clubhouse.

Oakland Park Golf Club – Buckinghamshire

Oakland Park is now an 18 hole course with the back nine playing a little tougher than the front. It is by no means a long course but you do have to think about your shots, whacking a wood from the tee every time is going to land you in trouble on this course.

Accuracy is the key here as well as good putting as the greens are well maintained and do have quite a few breaks in them. Tees and fairways are great and well placed trees on some holes make the fairways seem narrower than they really are.

Winter Hill Golf Club – Maidenhead, Berkshire

Winter Hill is a lovely looking course with some splendid views of the river Thames and the surrounding areas. Tees and fairways were in great condition and the greens were some of the best greens I have putted on so far this year, although they took some time getting used to them, I was glad of the few putts on the practice green before the round otherwise I would have got off to a terrible start, the ball just keeps on rolling them.

It’s a nice undulating course with a few slopes on some holes but not too severe that it makes walking the course tiring. Overall we all enjoyed our round here even if some of us didn’t play too well.

We couldn’t make up our minds which hole we liked the best, there were just too many good looking holes. The short par 3 15th sitting up high on a mound so if you miss the green the ball comes tumbling down off the hill.

The par 4 dogleg 5th and 12th holes look great from the tee as the hole drops away down the slope, catch your drive well on these and you will hit a monster drive.

The long 202 yard par 3 3rd hole with bunkers protecting the green on both sides, so whatever you hit here to try and stop the ball on the green you had better hit it straight.

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Weybrook Park Golf Club – Hampshire

Weybrook Park is a nice open course with some long par 4’s. It is a new course (with a nice new clubhouse) so there are a lot of tree plantations along the fairways that in time will make the course less open, but the condition of the fairways was quite good for this time of year.

On this occasion I played off the mats so can’t comment on the tee areas but they looked fine to me. The only downside to the course was the greens, well I call them that but they were not very green, hardly any grass at all on some of them but they were surprisingly quick and the ball ran very true on some of them.