Strawberry Hill Golf Club – Middlesex

Strawberry Hill is not a very long nine hole course in total but does have some long par 3’s. You start with a par 5 that bends slightly left to right, this gives you an opportunity to get off to a good start, then comes the three in a row Par 3’s all over 200 yards!

The first of the par 3’s is probably the best looking from the tee with trees obscuring the view of the green. The par 4’s on this course really do give you a birdie opportunity as they are not very long, but they still require an accurate approach, the 7th in particular has a well guarded green.

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Grims Dyke Golf Club – Middlesex

Grims Dyke Golf Club – Middlesex

Grims Dyke is a pleasant and enjoyable round of golf can be had at this course, the tees and fairways were in great condition for October, the fairways in particular have wonderfully undulations on them which make you think about where to place your tee or approach shot. Then we come to the greens, if you think you have a straight putt on a green then have another look, everything rolls down the slopes. We could not believe the breaks some putts made and how fast the downhill putts were.

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Thorney Park Golf Club – Iver, Buckinghamshire

Thorney Park is by no means a long course but it looks like a well kept one, tees, greens and fairways are all in very good condition but the later can get a little wet at times.

Water comes into play on quite a few holes, the par fives give you a good chance for a birdie and there aren’t that many tricky holes, the 7th, 9th & 18th being about the hardest. The 18th is quite interesting actually because they have added a river that meanders straight down the middle of the fairway.

The only thing spoiling it is the electricity pylons over the course but you do get a no penalty drop if you hit one.

Hartley Wintney Golf Club – Hampshire

Hartley Wintney Golf Club – Hampshire

This is a nice looking course set in the Hampshire countryside, the condition of the course was superb, the fairways, tees and especially the greens were all in great condition. We have to give a special mention to the greens as they ran well and true, putting on them was a pleasure.

The 1st is quite short and if played sensibly can get you off to a good start. You really do not want to go through the green at the 3rd and I think this is true for most of the holes.

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The Lanes Golf Club – Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire

The Lanes is a small nine hole council run course for the average golfer to have a good practice round on, although a couple of the holes are well laid out, most of them are pretty simply.

There is a good bit of variation throughout the holes for the novice golfer but the experienced ones will only need half a set of clubs. The par 3’s are short apart from the 4th but some of the par 4’s later on in the round are quite good.

Wycombe Heights – High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

Wycombe Heights sits on the edge of the Chilterns so as you can imagine it is anything but flat, many of the holes offer really great views of the surrounding area but walking the course can get a little tiring for some.

The greens were in good condition with the ball running well on them, the same could be said about the fairways, some of my drives just did not want to stop. The wind is definitely a factor on this course, with it behind you on the 18th you could quite easily over shoot the green in one!

The only downside is that the course can get very busy with rounds taking over five hours to complete.

Greys Green Golf Club – Oxfordshire

I have now played Greys Green twice, the first time I played the short nine hole course, the next time I managed to get round the full course.

There are no bunkers, no water features, no clubhouse facilities & no irrigation.

Right that’s the bad points out of the way let’s get on by telling you that I really enjoyed the golf on the 18 holes that I played here. The first few holes are nothing to shout about, a couple of basic par 4’s & a shortish par 3. But you do have to contend with newly planted hedge rows on the 3rd, 4th and 6th just where your drive is likely to end up.

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