Weston Turville Golf Club – Buckinghamshire

Weston Turville is pleasant but surprisingly flat, considering it is set in the Chiltern Hills, the course was in great condition and you could not fault the fairways, tees or greens.

The course is quite open in places with the back nine being a little less intersting than the front, the flat land makes for easy walking but it also means that things can get a little difficult if the wind picks up.

Lavendar Park Golf Club – Ascot, Berkshire

Lavendar Park is a nice little practice course for beginners or maybe younger golfers, you will not need a full set when playing here but it certainly gives your short game a good work out.

The tee areas are mats but the greens are well kept and there is even a water hazard on two of the holes. The clubhouse facilities are quite good and they even have a snooker room on a lower level if you fancy a game after the golf.

Chobham Golf Club – Surrey

Chobham Golf Club – Surrey

A very nice course with a good mixture of holes, we do like courses where you just can’t stand on the tee of every par 4 and whack your favourite wood down the fairway. On this course you have to choose your club wisely.

The course starts with a nice par 4 dogleg but then you get to the 2nd and find you need a good clean strike to reach the green. The 3rd will have you deciding if it’s worth trying to cut the corner and risk the O.O.B. and the 5th is the first hole where you simply cannot just stand on the tee and blast your wood.

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Redbourn Golf Club – Herftordshire

Redbourn is a very nice looking parkland course with the river Ver coming into play on a few of the holes.

The course is very well designed, the bunkers on nearly all the holes come into play from the tee, so you do not stand there thinking I’ll never reach that bunker or I’ll hit it straight over that one. Another example of the design of the course is the 10th, there are no bunkers in the fairway reachable from the tee but there is a step in the fairway just where your ball will land.

There are some good doglegs on the course and the fairways and greens were superb apart from the 13th, where the tee area and fairway had probably seen better days. The clubhouse and it’s facilities were great and we quite enjoyed our day.

Sudbury Golf Club – Middlesex

Sudbury used to be Acton Golf Club, founded in 1896 but was moved to it’s present location in 1920. This course has to have one of the hardest starts to a round ever, three par 4’s of 400 plus yards with the second being uphill! If you get to the first par 3 and you are not over par then you must be striking the ball well.

The fairways and tee areas are in great shape while the greens are very good too, a lot of the holes have raised approaches to the greens so club selection is vital, no more so than the 9th, get your selection wrong and your ball could end up in the bar!

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Newbury and Crookham Golf Club – Berkshire

Newbury and Crookham has a history dating back to 1872 (then Newbury and District) but has been rebuilt and amalgamated in 1946 with Crookham Golf Club.

When looking at the yardages on the scorecard you get the impression that, apart from the couple of long par 4’s, this course is going to be quite easy. Well you would be wrong, the course is very mature and has some well placed features to hinder your scoring, you need to think carefully around this strategic course with the trees that just seem determined to block your route to the hole.

The tees and fairways of the course were in great condition and the greens were a pleasure to putt on. We were made very welcome by the staff and members we met and had a very enjoyable days golf.

North Middlesex Golf Club – Middlesex

North Middlesex Golf Club – Middlesex

North Middlesex is a nice quiet course considering how close to the centre of London it is, standing on some of the tees, admiring the views with just the noise of the wildlife around you makes you feel as if you are in the middle of the countryside.

The quality of the course was good overall, the tees were great, so were the fairways but the greens looked as though they had seen better days. Holes that stand out are the 2nd, for the sunken green, get your yardage wrong on the approach and you are over the back fence.

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