Trip to the range at Birdhills

Took a little trip to Birdhills Golf Centre to have a bash on the driving range for the first time since my shoulder injury to see if I could remember my swing!
The driving range is a great place to watch the average golfer practice. Always purchasing the largest bucket of balls available then off they go to hit 100 balls in less than 30 minutes!
They think to themselves start with a short iron, it’s easier to get them in the air, five or six shots later and it’s out with the driver. A few go dead straight but not as far as they would like, they seem to forget these balls are not ProV1’s.
Soon enough drives start to go left or right, some only just manage to get off the ground, half a bucket of balls disappear in minutes as they are hastily teed up after each bad shot.

The reason for this is explained by a comment I once read from Laird Small, Director of the Pebble Beach Golf Academy.

“At the driving range golfers hit golf balls, on the golf course golfers hit golf shots.”

“Who plays golf by firing one ball after another into the same area using the same club? So why do people practice like that?”

Anyway back to my progress after my shoulder injury, I managed a good 20 drives, a couple of 4-irons a few wedge shots and a handful of 7-irons to finish. All done in less than 30 minutes with time for a pint afterwards.

Yes I am one of those ‘average golfers’ who need to learn how to practice productively at the range.


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