Heath Park Golf Club and it’s decline

You could say that I learnt to play golf at Heath Park, we would go there as teenagers and hone our iron play, you couldn’t really practice driving as there isn’t a hole long enough. Designed by Neil Coles it is very much a practice pitch and putt course but I loved the place, once managing 56 rounds in one year.

Heath Park - hole 2
Looking back from the second green

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Stockley Park ruined

Re-visited Stockley Park after major earthworks were completed there and I’m afraid to say that the new layout has spoilt the course. The 9th and 18th holes used to be quite scenic with tree lined fairways leading to waterside greens set in front of the impressive clubhouse, now they are rather boring looking holes surrounded by mounds of earth.

The course was maturing well but the people in charge have managed to ruin that along with removing all the beautiful trees and spoiling what was a nice country park set within a European Championship standard course.

Hounslow Heath Golf Club – Middlesex

Hounslow is a parkland course in a conservation area that has a nice variety of trees and two rivers run through the course. The 14th-16th stretch of holes are very well thought out and quite picturesque.

The 14th is an odd hole, a short dogleg par 4 that should be easy but, there is a local rule on this hole that states you cannot play for the green until you pass the post that is on the right hand side of the fairway about 180 yards from the tee, any ball on the right hand side of the post before you pass it is out of bounds. This hole needs an accurate iron off the tee to be in a position to go for the green.

C & L Country Club – Middlesex

We were told that the course had just undergone some major changes last year so maybe it has not recovered just yet. The fairways are more like the sort of ground you would expect to play football on at the local park and the greens were just a shorter grass version of the fairways, the tees however were at least raised slightly so some effort had been put in there. We found the middle of the fairway on a few holes and had to actually hunt for the ball!

With it’s tiny greens this course does give you a good practice at approach shots, on finding the green it is up to you if you bother to try and putt out. So if you fancy a quick practice on your tee shots and approaches then this course will provide that but not much else.

Denham Golf Club – Middlesex

Denham was a joy to play, the staff were very helpful & the course condition was superb. Fairways, tees & greens were all brilliant and the setting was great, you would never have guessed you were playing just a few miles from Heathrow with two major motorways right next door.

The course starts fairly easily where a good drive could see your ball rolling down the slope to leave just a chip on to the green. The 2nd is a different story, there is a gorge in the middle of the hole that could well be reached by a good drive, if you end up in this gorge then it is a blind shot to the green.

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Sunbury Golf Club – Middlesex

Because of the time of year and amount of light about we only played the 9 hole course so I will have to visit again to play the full 18 holes.

The fairways and greens on the 9 hole course were in quite good condition the overall length is a little on the short side so the well established golfer is not going to use all the clubs in the bag, more like a drive and then a 9 iron or wedge.

The rest of the facilities at the course are very good although the putting green was closed when I visited, the changing rooms are adequate though from the look of the rest of the facilities you would expect more. The staff were very welcoming and very helpful going out of their way to find out who the Architect of the course was when questioned, not a bad course overall and we look forward to playing the full 18.