Cotswold Golf Club – Chipping Norton

Cotswold Golf Club – Chipping Norton

Had the chance to play Cotswold Golf Club in Chipping Norton at the start of the Easter weekend, what a gorgeous sunny day it was, so glad I picked the Friday and not Easter Monday. I was going to play with my dad who accompanies me quite often on my golfing adventures but he was injured so my cousin Tony stepped up to the challenge of beating me.

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A Quintessential English Golf Course

Last time I played Heythrop Park the batteries on my camera died before I got to the first tee so I took the opportunity to play it again on Saturday to finally get some golf related images.

I might have managed to get photos of the course this time round but my golf was awful, for the first time in years I was in danger of shooting a gross score of 100 plus, I ended up just shy of a century with not much else to celebrate.

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Heythrop Park – Oxfordshire

Playing golf just after Christmas could be considered a little risky but must admit we lucked out, the course was in a great condition and we even managed a few scenic walks around the Resort’s grounds.

From the moment you turn into the impressive landscaped drive you know you are going to be in for a treat, we actually stayed overnight in the Crowne Plaza 4* hotel and played the golf course the next day. I must say that sitting in the Brassey Restaurant looking out over lovely manicured gardens with the course in the background was one of the best breakfast experiences I have had. Read more

Springs Hotel Golf Club – Oxfordshire

The course has good tee areas, great sculpted bunkers, not just round holes in the ground and good greens. The fairways were alright but the grass was a little long, maybe it was just the time of year.

The course is for the most part very open and with not that many mature trees you can get away with the odd wayward shot, as long as it’s not anywhere near the water hazards that scatter the course.

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Greys Green Golf Club – Oxfordshire

I have now played Greys Green twice, the first time I played the short nine hole course, the next time I managed to get round the full course.

There are no bunkers, no water features, no clubhouse facilities & no irrigation.

Right that’s the bad points out of the way let’s get on by telling you that I really enjoyed the golf on the 18 holes that I played here. The first few holes are nothing to shout about, a couple of basic par 4’s & a shortish par 3. But you do have to contend with newly planted hedge rows on the 3rd, 4th and 6th just where your drive is likely to end up.

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Badgemore Park Golf Club – Oxfordshire

Badgemore Park is a well maintained scenic course where the tees, fairway’s and greens are all in top condition. The course starts with two fairly easy holes, the 1st has lots of room on the left if you are wayward with your drive and if you hit it right you will be on the 10th fairway with the green still reachable but a blind shot over trees.

The 2nd is a par 5 that if the wind is right can easily be reached in 2, so you could be standing on the 3rd under Par! which is a good thing because you may just take 7 or 8 on the next hole.

The 3rd is a dogleg which curves at almost 90° to the left and at 460 yards is very difficult to reach in 2. You could hit quite a good tee shot to the middle of the fairway and still not be able to see the green.

The next few holes have bail out areas for the wayward golfer but there are long rough & wooded areas to stay clear of. The 10th, 12th, 15th & 16th will make you think about what club to hit off the tee as a driver/3wood is probably not the best club to take on these holes.

The round was a little slow, but I think there was a society in front so maybe it was a one off, although I think the shared tees on the 2nd/11th and the two holes where the fairway’s cross over each other do slow the round down a little.

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Witney Lakes Golf Club – Oxfordshire

Witney Lakes is a good golf course in a nice resort, kind of reminded me of Wokefield Park. The course is still a bit young so not many trees around to hinder your play and the fairways are quite open although you do have to wary of the lakes around this course. Tees and fairways were in great condition while the greens were looking great, a few of the holes are quite picturesque and I am sure that when matured the course will look great to the eye.