Lost Club at Haste Hill

I have played Haste Hill many times, normally with my two cousins and our good friend Simon. The four of us tend to have a great time out on the course and invariably get back to the 19th hole with a story to tell.

This amusing story comes on the 4th hole, a 350 yard par 4 that has rough all the way from the tee to the tree line and a ditch about 150yds away. A reasonable drive will see your ball clear the trees and ditch landing on an uphill fairway that slopes left to right.

Most of the time we manage this with ease, sometimes trying to cut over the trees on the left to allow for the natural slope of the fairway guiding the ball back to the right hand edge. The hole is a little tricky for Simon as he always hits his drives left to right, the harder he tries to hit them the further right they go.

His first attempt ended up in the hedgerow up the right of the fairway so he decided to hit another and duffed it into the ditch, annoyed with himself he threw his driver after the ball. After a little light-hearted banter we gathered our bags and started to walk towards the ditch.

We had gone about 15-20 yards when we realised Simon was walking in the long rough looking for his driver. We joined the search and as we did the group behind approached the 4th tee.

“Lost ball?” enquired one of the men from the group, “no, lost club!” replied Simon, the look on their faces just made us burst into laughter again.

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